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    The Six Most Important Moments From "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" And The Little Ones In Between

    Praise Satan, it's a lot!

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 2, has officially premiered on Netflix, so let's talk about it! Here's all the important stuff that happens in Part 2:


    🚨And if it wasn't obvious before, SPOILERSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!🚨

    1. Theo comes out as trans.


    Early in Part 2, Theo tells his friends and father that he identifies as a boy. His dad and friends are all supportive, but he struggles with the other kids at school, particularly the boys on Baxter High's basketball team, which he later joins.

    They bully him, and in a fit of anger, Theo uses a charm that Sabrina gave him to injure one of them, breaking his leg in a VERY graphic scene. Eventually, Billy, the lead bully, apologizes, and Theo goes on living his life, helping his friends save the world.

    2. Sabrina and Nick are are Harvey and Roz.


    At the end of the holiday episode, Harvey ends things with Sabrina once and for all, telling her that he doesn't want magic to be a part of his life. But early in Part 2, they slip up and make out. Sabrina pulls away, and that's the last straw for Harvey.

    Immediately after, he and Roz pursue the growing feelings between them, eventually becoming a couple. Roz later goes blind, and Harvey sticks by her side. The two grow very close and eventually say "I love you."

    As for Sabrina and Nick, the two spend a lot of time together, but it takes them a little bit longer to define their relationship. Nick worries that Sabrina still has feelings for Harvey/is destined to be with a mortal. But she promises him that he's who she wants by her side. They go on to have a bunch of cute couple moments, as well as an awkward/terrifying/sad run-in with a possessive wolf. Nick tells Sabrina that he loves her, and though she doesn't say it back, she acknowledges that she feels the same way.

    3. Ms. Wardwell/Madame Satan is Lilith.


    The students at the Academy of Unseen Arts put on a play called The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar (written by Father Blackwood, bleh!). Nick is cast as Lucifer and, after a twist of fate (aka someone curses Dorcas with the chicken pox), Sabrina is cast as Lilith, Earth's first woman. Ms. Wardwell sneaks in to watch the show and her reaction hints to the audience that she is Lilith. She cries as she watches her relationship with Lucifer played out on stage.

    This is confirmed later in the season, in a flashback episode, we see Lilith's origin story. After being cast out from the Garden of Eden, she met Lucifer, who had just fallen from Heaven. The two lived peacefully for many years, and Lucifer promised Lilith that when he brings hell on Earth, she will rule by his side. Over time, Lucifer was transformed into the beast we know as the Dark Lord.

    Lilith explains her allegiance to the Dark Lord to Sabrina, saying, "He's all I've ever known." But after realizing that Lucifer plans to make Sabrina queen, she plots against him and works with Sabrina and her friends and family to take him down, eventually rising to take the throne herself.

    4. Father Blackwood goes rogue.


    THIS. MISOGYNISTIC. ASSHOLE. Where do I even begin?? When Sabrina attempts to tell the Anti-Pope (Blackwood's boss) about her father's teachings, which would entirely change Blackwood's agenda, Blackwood MURDERS him and PINS IT ON POOR AMBROSE! (He also kills two innocent students in the process.)

    THEN, there's a pretty solid chance that he murdered Sabrina's parents. Sabrina's father allegedly believed that witches and mortals being together would be the future, possibly even creating an all-powerful hybrid witch. When he and Diana, Sabrina's mother, flew to Rome to tell the Anti-Pope of this discovery, Father Blackwood (supposedly) caused their plane to crash before they got there.

    OH! He ALSO marries Zelda and puts her under some kind of spell that makes her subservient to him. She becomes a witchy Stepford Wife who only speaks when spoken to and waits on him hand and foot. Luckily, Hilda and Sabrina break the spell.

    BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Toward the end of the season, Father Blackwood tries to force the coven to abandon the Church of Night doctrines, and follow those of the Church of Judas — a church he created, LOL — instead. When that doesn't work, he POISONS THE ENTIRE COVEN. Like I said, he's an asshole.

    5. Sabrina is destined to fulfill a prophecy as the Herald of Hell. What does that mean?? Well, for one thing, here's the prophecy:


    And a half-shadow girl shall be born of witch and mortal. And in mockery of the Nazarene, she shall perform Satanic miracles and profane acts. Her final perversion will allow the Dark Lord to return to Earth in his true form and open the gates of Hell and enslave the tribes of witch and mortal. And once he walks on Earth, the girl will rule at his side and the new Dawn will begin.

    True to the prophecy, Sabrina gets a ton of new powers and performs "miracles."


    So, some witch hunters/angels invade Greendale intent on killing the Spellmans and the students at the Academy. And because they're angels, they are strong AF and actually manage to overpower the witches. When Sabrina goes to save them, she's overcome by a new power and calls herself "the sword of the Dark Lord."

    Who even knows what that means, but she's able to levitate, set the angels on fire, and bring two murdered students to life. She then dies, is able to bring herself back to life, and heals Ambrose's wounds with just the touch of her hands. After that, she performs other "miracles," such as reversing Roz's blindness, controlling the weather, bringing people and animals back to life, teleporting objects, and more.

    Unfortunatelyyyy, all these things (in addition to a few other things she did in Part 1) do indeed fulfill the prophecy and bring about the Dark Lord.

    6. The Dark Lord, aka Lucifer Morningstar, returns to Earth in his angelic form...and he's HOT.

    Netflix, Neflix

    The Dark Lord gets a Disney makeover! Goodbye demon beast and helloooo dark prince. When he returns, he gets right down to business and demands that Sabrina rule by his side as his queen.

    But wait! He also drops the BOMBSHELL that he's SABRINA'S FATHER. Long story short, Sabrina's parents had trouble conceiving, went to the Dark Lord for help, and he blessed them with his own child. So, Sabrina is part demonic angel??? TBD! Anyway, the whole wife/daughter thing he has planned is weird if you ask me!

    Obviously, Sabrina has no plans to agree to that sort of twisted relationship, so she devises a plan to trap Lucifer/the Dark Lord in the Acheron that held Batibat, the demon from Part 1. This works for all of two seconds before he escapes. So Nick sacrifices himself and uses his own body to hold Lucifer, because the human body is apparently the "most sacred and complex binding in nature."

    Honorable mentions:


    —Dr. Cee tells Hilda that he loves her...and also that he's possessed by an incubus, aka a sex demon (which explains his yellow eyes from Part 1). But, she tells him that she's a witch and they go about loving each other and being cute as hell.

    —Ms. Wardwell's fiancé, Adam — the real Ms. Wardwell, not Lilith — returns to Greendale and Lilith/Ms. Wardwell falls in love with him. They plan to run away together, but the Dark Lord discovers their plan, kills Adam, and FEEDS HIM TO LILITH. Obviously, that's traumatic as fuck.

    —Luke is dead, RIP. During the witch hunters' crusade, they kidnap Luke, torture him for information, then kill him and cut off his arm to use to get into the Academy. TBH, I never trusted Luke and he was a member of Father Blackwood's twisted, misogynistic club, so, ya know. Good riddance, I guess.

    —Prudence and Ambrose are kind of together? They have a lot of hot sex, but then Prudence still throws him into the Witches' Cell and tortures him. But then they go off to hunt Father Blackwood guess they're enemies with benefits?

    —Nick originally getting to know Sabrina was the Dark Lord's bidding. But because this is TV, he fell for her. Sabrina is obviously heartbroken by the betrayal, but after he sacrifices himself to save her and her friends, and basically the entire world, TBH, she forgives him.

    —The OG Ms. Wardwell is back! Grateful for Sabrina's help in securing the throne, Lilith brings Sabrina's favorite teacher back to life.

    Where does that leave us?


    —Sabrina and the gang plan to ~somehow~ retrieve Nick from Hell, which will no doubt be the plot of the next season.

    —Father Blackwood is on the run with his twins, Judith and Judas.

    —With over half of its members dead and the Council all but disbanded (Hilda killed one of its members for being handsy), the Church of Night is essentially caput. Zelda plans to start the Church of Lilith and run it as the High Priestess.

    What was your favorite moment of Part 2? What are your predictions for next season? Tell us in the comments!

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