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    Rihanna Stans Are Trolling Kylie Jenner Over Her Makeup Line And It's Fucking Savage

    "Fenty Beauty just're CANCELLED."

    After only two days on the market, the people/makeup gods have spoken: Rihanna's Fenty Beauty is the best thing EVER.

    But on the same day that Fenty Beauty launched, Kylie Cosmetics began advertising a slew of new products, including a new shade of Kylighter.

    And, there's a chance that Kylie might have unfollowed Rih on Instagram.

    Rihanna/Fenty stans couldn't help but notice the coincidence and let's just say that they were not here for it.

    @kyliecosmetics Hun you know what just dropped??

    @_Siexna @kyliecosmetics Her sales 👀






    Rihanna stans summed up: