19 Reasons People Swipe Left On Dating Apps

    "I swipe left on anyone with a pic of them playing a sport, because I refuse to entertain the idea of eventually having to go watch their games."

    Yesterday, writer Beth McColl asked people on Twitter to share the pettiest reasons for swiping left on someone and the answers did not disappoint.

    what’s the pettiest reason you’ve ever swiped left on someone? once after a few wines and a bad day at work I saw a guy on Hinge whose profile said that even if money was no object he’d still do his current job and i was like FUCK YOU BRO. SWIPING LEFT. FUCK OFF. JOB LOVING FUCK

    Here are some of the best ones:

    1. People that share the same name as a family member:

    I‘ll also almost always swipe left on anyone with a sibling’s or parent’s name, though I will permit them to have my name?

    2. The Office fans:

    @imteddybless Any mention of the show “the office” gets a left swipe It’s a good show but I don’t wanna “be the Pam to your Jim”, Jason.

    3. Athletes:

    @imteddybless I swiped left on anyone with a pic of them playing a sport because I refused to entertain the idea of eventually having to go watch their games

    4. These particular readers:

    @imteddybless His favorite books were all business advice and declutter your life and try a new diet stuff and I just felt tired.

    5. Complainers:

    @imteddybless @LetoileSan Complaining about girls that wear a lot of makeup.

    6. Gym rats:

    @imteddybless It usually wouldn't take long for me to start getting irrationally angry at people who put "gym" in their bio - it's not a personality trait stop this !!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Harry Potter fans:

    @imteddybless Harry Potter train platform photos

    8. Sapiosexuals, and others:

    @imteddybless Any mention of the word “sapiosexual”, “fluent in sarcasm”, listing their height, followed by “sInCe ThAt MaTtErs”. How do you know that that matters to ME, Tyler? How do you know?

    9. Rock climbers:

    @imteddybless Anyone who rock climbs. I don’t rock climb. You’re not going to get me to rock climb. I want nothing to do with rock climbing. It really makes my dating pool a lot smaller but 🤷🏾‍♀️

    10. Unfunny Star Wars fans:

    @imteddybless Did they think Star Wars was obscure? Was this a joke? Were they being ironic? I don't know and I never will.

    11. Snapchatters:

    @imteddybless If they have their snapchat handle in their bio I assume they’re a fuckboi so I swipe left lol don’t @ me

    12. People with exciting lives, lol:

    @imteddybless I immediately swipe left on anyone who's life seems too exciting because I'm too tired for that shit

    13. Fishing enthusiasts:

    @imteddybless Anytime they have photos holding up a fish. I’m not opposed to fishing in theory but I don’t want to participate or even talk about it.

    14. Tongue sticker-outers:

    @imteddybless sticking their tongue out in photos. I hate it, I hate it so much

    15. Cowboys:

    @imteddybless I swipe left on guys for wearing cowboy boots/cowboy hats in their profile. Idk if that’s petty but it’s not rational either

    16. "University of Life" alums:

    @imteddybless @jounwin They had “university of life” as their education.

    17. Camo wearers:

    @imteddybless People wearing camouflage.

    18. "Doggo" lovers:

    @imteddybless She used the word 'doggo' in her profile.

    19. And, just, all of this:

    @imteddybless * “What you see is what you get” * “Partner in crime” * “Fluent in sarcasm!” * “Work hard, play hard(er)” * “Wine/gin o’clock!” * “Must be taller than me!” * “Looking for a REAL man, they don’t seem to exist these days” * “I need a man, not a boy” * “I like my heels!”

    What are things that make you swipe left? Share in the comments!