39 Pets Who Have No Definition Of Personal Space While Their Owners Work From Home

    Coming for ya jobs.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us pics of them and their pets working from home during quarantine, and the results are hilarious and adorable:

    1. "HI."

    2. "Whatcha doin'?"

    3. "Just waiting for my Zoom debut."

    4. "You said this was a mouse..."

    5. "What page are we on?"

    6. "Let's take a break."

    7. "Can you stop taking pictures of me while I'm trying to work?"

    8. "I will be on the Zoom and the screen people will cheer."

    9. "You are my office chair."

    10. "If I fits, I sits."

    11. "Workin' hard or hardly workin'?"

    12. "Per my last email..."

    13. "Stay on your side of the desk, please."

    14. "Will block access to computer until I receive the proper number of pats."

    15. "You blinked!"

    16. "Just checking the ol' email."

    17. "This bench is not nearly as comfortable as the couch."

    18. "Are you almost done?"

    19. "Boop."

    20. "Time to clock out yet?"

    21. "Nom, nom, nom."

    22. *Zoom star in the making.*

    23. "You didn't need your arm for anything, right?"

    24. "I am helping, this is me helping."

    25. "Okay fine, we can share the mouse."

    26. "Oh, hai."

    27. "Mooooooooooom!"

    28. "I see people in there."

    29. "You sits on chair, I sits on you."

    30. "Is it time for lunch yet?"

    31. "You have two hands — one for work and one for cuddles."

    32. "How does the saying go? All play and no work...?"

    33. "Can I borrow a pen?"

    34. "Ready for the conference!"

    35. "I'm boooooored!"

    36. "I'm not in the way, am I?"

    37. "Beep. Boop. Beep."

    38. "I am in charge."

    39. "Be with you in a minute."

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