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    15 Things That You Should Never, Ever, Ever Do On A Date — Like, Ever.

    "Oh no baby, what is you doing?"

    Last April, Twitter user @Im_0n1 asked to describe their worst date.

    Well 2018 must not be looking too good for singletons because people have finally started responding, and their stories are ROUGH. Here are some of the best (worst) ones:

    1. First of all, know what a date is.

    2. For example: funerals don't count.

    3. Don't be cheap.

    4. And DEFINITELY don't dine and dash.

    5. Don't talk, or try to kiss, with your mouth full.

    6. Don't forget, three's a crowd.

    7. Don't be creepy!


    9. Also, don't do...whatever this is.

    10. OR, THIS. Never do this! Do people really think this is okay????

    11. Be original.

    12. Don't come on too strong.

    13. Like, seriously, it's not cute.

    14. Always have a backup plan.

    15. And finally, expect the unexpected.

    What was your worst date? Tell us about it in the comments!

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