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Mandy Moore Accidentally Got A Black Eye And Milo Ventimiglia Had The Best Reaction

Shower door handle–1, Mandy–0

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Season 2 of This Is Us premieres in just 24 days (not that I've been counting), and the cast has been busy filming all of those tearjerking scenes that destroy us emotionally, including the most recent promo.

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Well sometime after filming yesterday, Mandy Moore had a little run-in (literally) with the handle door of her shower, resulting in a black eye, and even a few stitches.

Instagram: @mandymooremm

While she seemed to make light of the situation with the caption "Shower door handle—1, Mandy—0," she did ask her followers on Instagram for helpful tips on how to get rid of a black eye.

When Milo got word of what had happened, he convinced the This Is Us makeup crew to give him a look to match Mandy's.

He sent a photo of himself — along with the show's hair stylist Michael Reitz, and makeup artist Zoey Hay — with the message, "Solidarity."

Instagram: @mandymooremm

Clearly touched by the supportive gesture, Mandy replied, "Oh guys!!!" and gushed about her work fam on Instagram.

While we may not know how Jack died, we do know that he's always got Rebecca's back.


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