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I'm Freaking Out Because Mandy Moore Just Shared A Juicy Deet About Jack On "This Is Us"

Some spoilers ahead, and stuff.

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And while there were many, MANY emotional scenes last season, the tip of the iceberg was probably learning that Jack, aka the swoon-worthy Milo Ventimiglia, died sometime while the Pearson children were growing up.

But, 18 episodes later and fans still don't have any answers as to just how Jack died.

when we finally find out how jack dies #ThisIsUs

Which has led to a ton of insane fan theories, btw.

Me trying to figure out how Jack dies before they tell us #ThisIsUs


Well, in a recent cast interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mandy Moore spilled some tea, and it looks like the Jack mystery will be solved sooner rather than later.

She told ET: "Wait until September 26th. There will be a giant hint as to what happens with Jack."

Sept. 26th just so happens to be the Season 2 premiere.

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Which means that there's only T-36 days until the GIANT HINT!!!