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    Lena Dunham's Most Recent Message About Body Positivity Is Exactly What I Needed To Hear Today

    THIS. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    If you didn't know it already, let me be the first to tell you that Lena Dunham is a body positivity champion.

    In the past, she's spoken out about about everything from exercise and cellulite to the media's obsession with her weight loss.

    Well, the Girls actor and writer is back at it again. In a recent Instagram post, Lena compared two images of her body at different weights.

    She wrote: "On the left: 138 pounds, complimented all day and propositioned by men, and on the cover of a tabloid about diets that work. Also, sick in the tissue and in the head, and subsisting only on small amounts of sugar, tons of caffeine, and a purse pharmacy."

    "On the right: 162 pounds, happy, joyous and free, complimented only by people that matter for reasons that matter, subsisting on a steady flow of fun/healthy snacks and apps and entrees, strong from lifting dogs and spirits."

    "Even this OG body positivity warrior sometimes looks at the left picture longingly, until I remember the impossible pain that brought me there and onto my proverbial knees."

    After sharing her message, people praised Lena for speaking up.

    And, it's even inspired some to share their own personal messages about their bodies.

    As one user summed up perfectly, "Statements like this make such a big difference to women and girls alike!"

    Thanks for being a body positivity role model, Lena!

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