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Lady Gaga Said That She's Nothing Like Ally From "ASIB" And I'm Confused

::confused emoji::

First, I know everyone wants to know what Lady Gaga wore to the Golden Globes, so take a moment to soak it all in:

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*Soaking it in*

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While strutting the red carpet, Miss Germanotta stopped to talk to Ryan Seacrest about A Star Is Born and playing Ally.

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She's nominated for Best Actress and Best Original Song.

She told him that she "had to work really hard to build this character, 'cause quite honestly she's nothing like me."

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Literally me:

What the hell is Lady Gaga talking about Ally was exactly like her #Eredcarpet ..there was a character ??

She explained, "I mean, when I started out in this business I was like, 'Move aside! Here's my music! Here's my style! This is the way I dance! This is who I am!'"

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"I know who I am, and Ally is just, like, she's jaded and she's over it. She's angry and sad and depressed, and she thinks there's nothing left for her. And it's [Jack's] love for her that gives her wings to fly."

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What do you think?? Do you think there are similarities between Gaga and Ally? Tell us in the comments!

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