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5-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Is So Cute In This #TBT Thanksgiving Video

Omg, 5-year-old Kim!

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We all know that the Kardashian fam is one tight-knit bunch that loves to celebrate the holidays together, whether it be Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Instagram: @krisjenner

Well, to celebrate this year, Kim shared a #tbt video from Thanksgiving 1985 and it is VERY cute. The home movie clip shows a 5-year-old Kim during a Thanksgiving performance.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(The full video is available on her app, if you have a subscription.)

In the clip, someone I think is safe to say is her father, says, "Kimberly, you did such a good job. You held the flag up there beautifully, didn't you? Did you see Mommy and Daddy?"

Instagram: @kimkardashian

SQUEE! How sweet!

Kim also shared this tweet today — which, like, isn't as sentimental, but is still pretty hilarious.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for you!