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    Kim Kardashian Saw A Lobster Walking Down The Street, And I Have Approximately 1,000 Questions

    Yes, you read that right.

    With coronavirus being declared a global pandemic and people's lives generally turned upside down, I think we can all agree that these are strange and confusing times.


    But I don't think anyone...anyone...could've predicted what you're about to see.


    Sometime today, Kim Kardashian was minding her own business when a lobster walked up to her on the street.

    Just confused how a lobster is walking on my street in Calabasas! What is happening?!?!?!

    That's right. A LOBSTER.


    "Just confused how a lobster is walking on my street in Calabasas! What is happening?!?!?!" the 39-year-old wrote on Twitter.

    Did he escape a pot of boiling water from someone's house???

    Is he a pet?!?!

    Is he a tiny lobster businessman just out for a stroll to get some fresh air during the quarantine?!?!

    Like, what is happening!!!


    People are definitely trying to figure it out.

    @KimKardashian Kim the world is broken completely broken

    @KimKardashian Life is crazy right now. Escaping his closed restaurant?

    @KimKardashian this lobster managed to meet a Kardashian before me....

    @KimKardashian that's when you know the neighborhood rich a lobster just walking around

    @KimKardashian It wants ur autograph ๐Ÿ“


    @KimKardashian mind your business kim

    Okay, but seriously, I'm INVESTED in The Adventures of Kim Kardashian and The Wandering Lobster. I need to know what happened next. Kim, update us!!!!