Kenan And Kel Just Reunited And 10-Year-Old Me Is Living

    Love this more than orange soda.

    Any millennial who had cable growing up will tell you that Nickelodeon's Kenan and Kel was the show you raced and finished your homework for so you could sit down and watch.

    Since the show ended way back in 2001, the pair have gotten together once or twice, but they just reunited in the most Nick way possible — on an episode of Double Dare.

    TBH, the whole thing was just an episode of nostalgia. Not only did Kenan get slimed with orange soda during "Cup of Kenan," but Kel slipped on a giant patty in "Burger Buzzer Beater."

    Aside from Kel trying to floss, what gave me SERIOUS flashbacks was everyone trying to pick flags out of this slimy nose! I remember this nose!!

    In an interview with Bustle, Kel said of the reunion, "We keep doing these little things for the fans but we're definitely going to have something big for you guys to check out. We still have it. We're still on it."

    Woot, woot!! So basically, get ready for more Kenan and Kel in the future! But, until then, check out a clip from their episode of Double Dare below.

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