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    Justin Bieber Will Never Pull Up His Pants!!

    "My pants will stay sagging."

    At this point, Justin Bieber's sagging pants are part of his ~signature lewk~.

    He wears shorts that are rather long...

    ...and he let's it all hang out, no matter what.

    Those days of tight skinny jeans set snuggly on his hips? OVER!!!!

    And even jeans can be deceiving at times.

    Yes, Justin just loooooooves to let his pants hang low and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. The "Yummy" singer shared CNN's 2017 article, "The fall of the sagging pants era is upon us," on his Instagram yesterday and basically said it was a whole lot of hooey!!!

    "This is a lie from the pits of hell," he captioned the screenshot. "My pants will stay sagging."

    Ya hear that fashion gods? HIS PANTS!!


    SAG 👏 GING 👏!!!

    Lordt, where's General Larry Platt when ya need him?!

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