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    Posted on Jul 1, 2018

    Here's One Hilarious Tweet From Every Day Last Month

    A joke a day keeps the doctor away.

    June 1

    I used to think actual jokes were funny now this has me laughing for 30 minutes

    June 2

    He was good in Sherlock but his American accent as Doctor Strange leaves much to be desired

    June 3

    Sweetie don’t babe me, okay?? It’s LA LA LAND, got a lot of Oscar buzz, could be Emma Stone’s year

    June 4

    Me putting my foot down and telling my friends I’m not drinking tonight

    June 5

    June 6

    The person who pays for Netflix + everyone else who watches it

    June 7

    the best thing about ocean’s 8 was the two tiny boys seated next to me whispering in tones of awe “she’s so smart, she’s SO smart” every time sandra bullock did a crime

    June 8

    Mamma Mia Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again Mamma Mia 3: My My Mamma Mia 4: How Can I Resist You? Mamma Mia 5: Does It Show Again Mamma Mia 6: Just How Much I Missed You? Mamma Mia 7: Yes, I've Been Broken-hearted Mamma Mia 8: Blue Since The Day We Parted Mamma Mia 9: Why Did I Eve

    June 9

    men posting on r/relationships: my girlfriend won’t do anal, is this a dealbreaker women posting on r/relationships: so my husband fucked my sister and spends all of our money on video games and hates my dog but one time he made me pasta. i love him so much what do i do

    June 10

    How does Ariel know what “reprimand” means but not “feet”

    June 11

    June 12

    June 13

    danny devito's agent: you've got a call from tim burton, want me to put him through? danny devito: *sighs as he grabs his 4 ft tall top hat* no, just tell him i'm on my way.

    June 14

    Now that i have grown up i have to say she was hot as fuck and them lil bitches ruined her fucking plan. fuck them lil twins. she got herself a VINYARD OWNER AND THOSE KIDS FUCKED WITH HER MONEY!!!!!

    June 15

    Sailor Moon and her friends taking five minutes to transform each episode

    June 16

    June 17

    I’m 100% convinced my grandma was the reason Mexico won

    June 18


    June 19

    June 20

    me: *opens mouth to scream into the void* the void: sorry man we're full up me: what? the void: there's no more room. we're teeming with screams me: but— the void: we👏are👏at👏capacity👏sir. try a pillow.

    June 21

    Told my coworker i was Ambidextrous this nigga said “that’s wassup bro love who you love” LMFAOOOOOO

    June 22

    me at 14: can’t wait to travel the whole world once i’m earning my own money me now: mustn’t forget that tupperware at work, it’s my only one

    June 23

    marvel: okay here's the script but you're not gonna do anything wild like announce that the title is spider-man: far from home on instagram right tom holland:

    June 24

    best disney princesses ranked 10. u can't 9. rank 8. them 7. because 6. they 5. all 4. are 3. individually 2. amazing 1. mulan, the great warrior who took it upon herself to save all of china with her tactics and cleverness when she was only 16

    June 25

    I told my cat she wasn’t gonna like this salt and vinegar chip but she didn’t listen to me smh SHE GAGGED

    June 26

    June 27

    hot couple looking for a third. no sex play u just have to decide where we go eat

    June 28

    Paris Hilton looks like a GTA loading screen

    June 29

    me: interested in how the sun shines in our new apartment boyfriend:

    June 30

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