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    Etta Candy From "Wonder Woman" Is The Best Friend You Didn't Know You Needed

    Secretary. Best friend. Secret super hero.

    So we all know that Wonder Woman is chock-full of badass, fierce women that get👏 shit 👏done👏.

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    But there's one badass in particular that we need to discuss. I present to you: Etta Candy.

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    Etta Candy is played by English actress, Lucy Davis, whom you may recogonize from her roles in Shaun of the Dead or the BBC's The Office.

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    Yet, I think we can all agree that Etta Candy is one of of her most kick-ass performances.

    Honestly, Etta was low-key the best part of Wonder Woman; fighting the patriarchy in 1940's London in her own way

    I mean, she left a lasting impression.

    hi it's been 12 hours since i saw Wonder Woman and i'm still thinking about Etta Candy


    Diana: Who would wield it? Hippolyta: Only the fiercest among us even could. Meanwhile, Etta:

    Etta gave viewers a hilariously realistic expectation of their abilities and they love her for it.

    I love Etta so much. We can't all be Wonder Woman, but we can ALL be Etta.

    And what's not to love? She gives great fashion advice...

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    She's fiercely loyal...

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    ...and she'll always have your back, as she's ready to stand up and fight alongside you.

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    All we're asking is that we have more of her.

    Here's my only criticism of #WonderWoman: needed 1000% more Etta Candy.

    We'll take it any way we can.

    Look, just give @RealLucyDavis an Etta Candy spinoff on TV like Agent Carter. #WonderWoman

    Because let's face it — she's the best.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @thatgirlonline

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