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Miley Cyrus Said She "Had To" Break Up With Liam Hemsworth Back In 2013

The singer opened up about Hannah Montana, ~that~ VMA performance, Liam Hemsworth, and more.

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On the first time she realized she was famous:

The next day I went to go ride roller coasters with my friends and someone asked me for my autograph, and I was so stoked...I got my picture taken with this kid and then it kind of became a shitshow and I had to leave. But that was so cool! And then it kept happening for a couple more weeks, and then I was wishing I really was Hannah Montana and that I really could double-life it.

On her parents:

"I wouldn't be here if [my mom] didn't take me to every fucking singing lesson, dance lesson. And actually, there was a time where I would've just gotten in so much trouble if I'd ever listened to my dad. My dad would've been happy for me to stay on the farm my whole life and, you know, be homeschooled, and never make friends."

On that time she got expelled from school:

Yeah, I got kicked out. I got kicked out because I had — it was really stupid — I told a bunch of the kids what French kissing [was] and then I showed them on one of the girls that was in the locker room or whatever. I was like, "Well, I went to Canada and I found out what French kissing was" and I got kicked out of school.


On that VMA performance with Robin Thicke:

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"I had to put myself in that know, what came first was I liked it. I was happy about it. And I didn't like it because I thought I had done something that was gonna make everyone talk about me. That's not why I liked it. I liked it because I was like, "Oh! I just came out of a giant bear and ain't nobody doin' that. I came out with all my friends and we fucking had a great time."

She continued:

The reason why that was the best thing that's ever happened to me in my life is that's when I realized my power. Everyone tried to take my power away from that. Which, by the way, nobody really gave Robin a bunch of shit about it. It was me. I'm the woman, so I asked for it. It's all my fault. I did it. I'm the one that went and got all my clothes off and he had no idea that I was going to do that. You know, so it's all my fault, but that's ok, because it's always the woman's fault.

I had to. I don't like when relationships are two halves trying to make a whole. It's that "I can't eat, I can't sleep." Well, that's because you're so used to depending on someone else. So I don't think that I have that codependency.


On getting cast as Hannah Montana:


"They cast someone besides me first. And they even did a pilot without me, and then they said that it didn't work. And they came back and wanted me to do this. And because — I think, somewhere inside of me — that Hannah Montana double life thing did work. Because I did want to be all of those things, but I also just wanted to be normal. You know, and I still want that."

And finally, on if she'd ever perform "The Best of Both Worlds" again:

I don't drink, really, anymore, but maybe if I started drinking again, probably.