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    Put Down The Girl Scout Cookies And Read These Hilarious Tweets Instead

    "There are 5 seasons: Winter, Spring, Girl Scout Cookie season, Summer, and Fall."




    Only a serial killer would eat one Thin Mint. It’s a sleeve or none at all, people.


    I was buying Girl Scout cookies and trying to practice self control so I grabbed ONE box and asked “u have change for a $20?” And this lil girl really goes “I mean ya, but u could just buy 5 boxes instead?” So long story short I now have 5 boxes of cookies



    CONVERSATION I JUST HAD: ME: Two Thin Mints please GIRL SCOUT: That’ll be $10. Or you can get four boxes for $20! ME (gentle): Um, that’s not a savings GIRL SCOUT (NOT gentle): NO ONE SAID IT WAS ... ME: Four boxes would be great.


    My kids selling Girl Scout cookies at the lake: Runner: sorry, I don't have any cash Kids: we take credit Runner: actually I left my wallet In the car Kids: WE TAKE VENMO, PAYPAL, AND SQUARE CASH Runner: gives up and buys 3 boxes #hustle #GirlScouts #cookies


    Me talking about Girl Scout Cookies:


    These Girl Scouts sitting outside Walmart just asked a girl if she wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies and she said no. The little girls then huddled afterwards and said "ladies we can do better. Act cute guys! That's how it works!" YALL THESE ARE SMART AND DANGEROUS CHILDREN. 😂


    There are 5 seasons: Winter, Spring, Girl Scout Cookie season, Summer, and Fall.



    me in the 3rd grade outselling jackie in girl scout cookies


    I’m gonna sue those Girl Scouts. After 3 boxes, I’m neither thin nor minty.


    thin mints, samoas, and do-si-dos being the best girl scout cookies


    They don't make girl scout cookie bag resealable because they know damn well you're going to finish the entire thing in one sitting


    Girl Scouts when they say they take Venmo after you try to unsuccessfully evade them.


    "Wow, looks like you lost weight" - Yeah I'm not eating much "New diet?" - No I'm just afraid of the Girl Scouts outside every grocery store


    mission: girl scout cookies plan: infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier


    the devil works hard but girl scouts work harder