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    21 Food Opinions That Are So Controversial They Make Me Want To Slam My Fists And Throw A Chair Across The Room

    "Lettuce is crunchy water."

    Earlier this week, sports podcaster Jon Becker asked his Twitter followers to share their most controversial food opinion, and the thread has since gone viral.

    Please quote tweet this with your most controversial food opinion, I love controversial food opinions

    Here are some of the most scalding takes on popular foods:

    1. Put "Vegetables have no business being in a dessert" on my gravestone.

    @jonbecker_ Carrot cake is an abomination. Carrots need to know their place. Vegetables have no business being in a dessert.

    2. A ranch is a place, not a flavor!

    @jonbecker_ Ranch dressing serves no culinary purpose, expect to drown any bugs that might linger on salad or dipping vegetables.

    3. Bubbles in champagne? Good. In water? Bad.

    @jonbecker_ Sparkling water tastes like if water could go bad.

    4. Points were made.

    @jonbecker_ Chocolate & peppermint is a combination that belongs in the bad place 🤢 peppermint is for gum, mints and toothpaste, stuff that gets rid of taste & makes everything else taste temporarily awful (toothpaste & oj anyone) why on earth pair it with chocolate ie. the best taste ever!

    5. This is funny, and yet, incorrect.

    @jonbecker_ If you replaced calamari with the rubber band that holds broccoli, and then deep fry it, no one would know the difference

    6. Hi, I'd like a martini with two "pickled knots of tree anger," please.

    @jonbecker_ Olives are not food. They are pickled knots of tree anger whose only distinguishing characteristic is a byproduct of whatever flavor of liquid malice they have had the misfortune to be embalmed in. Olive oil is the other end of the tree's emotional spectrum.

    7. Okay, but chicken nuggets are great so I don't see the problem.

    @jonbecker_ They're not "boneless wings", they're just chicken mcnuggets for adults & they still aren't as good as real wings.

    8. LMAOOOO!

    @AdamCMacK @nrbmbr @jonbecker_ Lettuce is crunchy water.

    9. Someone please escort this person out of the restaurant.

    @jonbecker_ There is nothing wrong with a WELL DONE STEAK.... I don't give a damn what anyone says.

    10. Kids get all the best stuff, it's not fair.

    @jonbecker_ There's no reason to eat ketchup after the age of 8. Anything that you think ketchup can make better is much better with BBQ sauce.

    11. If neither fruit or vegetables go in pie, what's left?

    @jonbecker_ fruit does not belong in or on pie

    12. ...I thought this was, like, a proven scientific fact.

    @jonbecker_ Cookie dough is often better than cookies.

    13. The only loaves I like are bread!

    @_woweewow_ @jonbecker_ I don’t get meatloaf. Why take a good piece of meat, disassemble it into specks, and then reassemble and overcook it?

    14. Hahahaha it's funny, 'cause it's true.

    @jonbecker_ All beer tastes the same, all of them

    15. Why would I ever willingly eat anything that's sour?? (And yes, this goes for candy.) But especially, cream????

    @jonbecker_ Sour cream adds little to nothing to any food item. It is mayonnaise and horseradish's inferior sibling.

    16. We're still debating this? In 2019? Licorice is bad, people! Move on dot org.

    If you want to understand what death tastes like, eat licorice

    17. Stop trying to ruin my brunch!

    champagne and orange juice are both bad on their own and even worse together.

    18. Even celebs are chiming in, with their thoughts:

    I’m sure it tastes good... but Anything prepared *tartare* looks and feels like playing Russian Roulette with your arsehole.

    19. YES, Lena. Preach.

    I hate tomatoes 🤷🏾‍♀️

    20. This would honestly explain so much.

    Artichokes fell to earth from space and are actually a sentient flesh-spore made from the traumatic memories of a forgotten galactic genocide.

    21. But out of all of them, this milk opinion is the one I will never stop having nightmares about. Boneless. Cheese. No, thank you. Delete. Return to sender.

    Milk is just boneless cheese and no I will not be taking any questions at this time

    Which of these food opinions do you agree or disagree with the most? Have your own controversial take on food? Share your thoughts in the comments below!