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    Twitter Had To Teach Chrissy Teigen The Meaning Of Stan And It Was Amazing

    "Wait. Stan is stalk + fan???"

    Between being a wife, mother, businesswoman, and slayer of trolls on Twitter, it's easy to forget that Chrissy Teigen is also the co-host of Spike's Lip Sync Battle.


    Luckily, I'm here to remind you that she is and, like everything else she does, she's great at it.

    Well, Chrissy is finally back at work on LSB, and took the time to praise the new set...

    Back at "work"!!! New set at @SpikeLSB!!!

    ...and one of this season's guests, Fifth Harmony.

    Ok. It is official. I stand for @FifthHarmony. They are incredibly sweet human beings and killed it on @SpikeLSB!!!

    Di- did she mean stan?

    Yep, she meant stan.

    Nice save.

    It's OK, Chrissy. If it wasn't for Urban Dictionary I would never know what the hell is going on either.

    Wait. Stan is stalk + fan???

    But, stan has actually been made ~official~ and added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a legit word, so here's the definition, jsyk:

    Stan can be a noun too, btw. For example: The Beyhive is comprised of millions of Beyoncé stans.

    The word actually comes from the Eminem song "Stan," about an overzealous fan (named Stan).

    View this video on YouTube

    Which trolls were quick to point out to Chrissy, because that's what they do.

    YES I have heard the Eminem song. Did he explain stalker plus fan equaled Stan it in NO or maybe he did I don't care I'm going to bed

    As for Fifth Harmony? The feeling is mutual (obviously).

    CHRISSY! Obsessed with you. We stand/stan you too 😂❤️

    The more you know.

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