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This Photo Adele Just Posted Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Alexa, play "Rolling Pon De Deep" by Adele.

These past few months, Adele has shared what she's been up to during quarantine on Instagram, from book recs to drunken shenanigans, and I'm here for all of it.

Not one to post frequently, I'm usually snapping at the bit for any of her Instagram activity that I can get my hands on because she's my queen.

But...even I'm looking twice at the photo she shared today.


The 25 singer shared a pic captioned, "Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London 🇬🇧🇯🇲."



There's so much to unpack here. The bantu knots...the Jamaican flag bikini top...I just...whew!

Adele / Via Instagram: @adele

Every time Adele posts a photo to Instagram it breaks the internet, and this time is no different.'s a little different. Here's how people are reacting on social media:

Someone said Adele’s next husband I can’t stand yalllllll💀💀💀💀

Adele went from “ hello ” to “ how yuh tek suh long fi ansa the bloodclaat phone”

Adele said she was Rolling Pon De Deep

Rare footage of Adele and Chet Hanks in Jamaica

Therapist: Jamaican Adele isn’t real, she can’t hurt you. Jamaican Adele:

Mi affi set fire to the rain

Some people more directly called out Adele for cultural appropriation.

#adele it’s the cultural appropriation for me

There were so many fucking steps that happened before that Adele photo made it public. An idea that took SEVERAL people’s approval. A hairstylist who was like “you sure?” A publicist who said “go for it.” I need to lie down

If 2020 couldn't get anymore bizarre, Adele is giving us Bantu knots and cultural appropriation that nobody asked for. This officially marks all of the top white women in pop as problematic. Hate to see it.

Adele / via

However, some were quick to defend the singer, too.

To all the ignorant non Jamaicans dragging Adele for supporting the Jamaican culture, sit down! You don’t speak for us! We are proud of Adele! Nuff respeck to her!

Adele /
Adele /
Adele /
Adele /

Adele has yet to respond to the backlash, but we'll update you if she does.