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A "Fifty Shades Freed" Trailer Just Dropped And I Can't Stop Watching It

*Cancels imaginary Valentine's plans to watch*

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I've read all the books not once, not twice, but THREE times each.

I've even read that book that's written from Christian's perspective that, literally, no one else read and you know what? I LIKED THAT ONE, TOO.


Anyway, why am I confessing this to you? Because a teaser trailer for the final movie Fifty Shades Freed just dropped and I'M EXCITED ABOUT IT.

Shyla Watson / BuzzFeed

(Actual text to my friend Greg, after I had composed myself enough. Then again, I had only managed to send exclamation points, so still wasn't totally with it.)

Take a moment to watch it and freak out like me. I'll wait.

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BRB, watching it again.

View this video on YouTube

...and again.