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    "Hey Syrians Go Back To Your Country" Hashtag Raises Anger In Turkey

    Hashtag Raises Anger In Turkey

    Hashtag #SuriyelilerEvineDönsün or has been translated. "Syrians go back to your country" list of the most frequently traded Twitter hotspots in Turkey.

    He calls for the expulsion of Syrian refugees from Turkish territory and their deportation to their country.

    The Hatchtag recorded more than 140,000 comments, ranging from the views of those who supported the expulsion of Syrian refugees from Turkey and their last sympathizers and defenders.

    The granting of Turkish citizenship to the Syrians could change the Turkish political scene, said Hachtag.

    They also said that the Turkish government's assistance to the Syrians comes at the expense of the simple class of Turkish citizens. associated their justification with Erdogan's statements, in which he declared that every Syrian citizen had the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

    The reason for the publication of the Hashtag

    Facebook: video.php

    Turkish media broadcast a video showing a group of angry Turkish youths about two young Syrians who were said to be taking photographs of girls on the beach. The video showed the police, the angry crowds of the two young Syrians by force, and gave them protection until they reached the ambulance, which did not in turn hand over the attacks; they were followed by scolding the Syrians and demanding their departure.

    الوسم لا يمثل الشعب التركي الذي استضاف مليوني لاجئ سوري لأعوام، معروف جيداً من يروج لهذه الوسوم ومن له مصلحة في ذلك. #SuriyelilerEvineDönsün

    Some Syrians found the trend to be unfair to their community in Turkey, considering that such acts were individual and could not be circulated to all. Some Turks expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of the Syrians and called on the government to deport them.

    الترند الأول في تركيا على تويتر الآن يطالب السوريين بالعودة إلى بيوتهم، وتغريدات عنصرية بشكل فظيع. #عيب #SuriyelilerEvineDönsün