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    This Is The Instagram Account You Definitely Shouldn't Be Following If You're Hungry

    It's downright sensual!

    So, @noodleworship is an Instagram account I've been following for a while...

    And yes, you guessed it: all of their posts consist of nothing but mouthwatering noodle shots like this...

    And this...

    And unnnnnnf, this:

    Just TRY to look at this one of wonton noodle soup and NOT be hungry:

    Or try to keep yourself from becoming mesmerized by this gleaming yakisoba dish:

    Fact: putting a dumpling on top of pasta just makes it EVEN BETTER.

    There's all kinds of noodles on the account. Here are some kimchi jjigae noodles:

    And here's some extremely delicious-looking Pad Thai:

    Just LOOK at this pho broth. Ugh. It's beautiful!

    Meanwhile, this seafood linguini is the stuff of my actual dreams:

    But my personal favorite? These hand-pulled noodles. Just...pure perfection:

    ICYWW, the @noodleworship account has more than 350,000 followers, and it's run by Taste This Next, a social marketing company focused on food.

    Basically, it's the perfect Instagram account to make you hungry immediately. It doesn't matter if you ate lunch two seconds ago — one look at a post like this, and you'll be a goner.

    This post was translated from Japanese.