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10 Reasons Why College Students Need Pets

We know that pets are used for service animals and to teach children at a young age responsibility. We know that dogs are a man's best friends, and cats are for lonely old ladies. Everywhere you go you see the effects pets have on their owners. For college students, it seems too busy of a time to even think about caring for a furry friend. However, the unbreakable bond, the physical, and mental aspects a pet brings with them are all reasons college students need pets.

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1. No one looks at you like your dog looks at you.

With all of your late nights and those early morning classes, it feels nice to know that your pet will admire you even if you have worn sweatpants all week.

4. Has the freshman 15 caught up with you yet?

When you're with your friends, you always going out for food. How many of them workout with you too? Pets are good for being not only your yoga partner, but they like to go out for walks too. You will get more benefits in exercising than non-pet owners.

5. Pets help with responsibility skills.


Having a pet is not easy due to all the responsibilities that they come with. However, having those responsibilities will straighten your routine for staying on track with school work as well.

6. Pets make social media fun.

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With everyone doing the mannequin challenge, having your pet do it makes it fun and one of a kind.

8. Paws the stress.

Preparing for midterms and finals are always tough. Colleges all over have been bringing puppies to their campus for puppy therapy around stressful times to reduce the pressure and anxiety on their students.

9. Like you and me... their reflection scares them.

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You know when it’s Monday morning and you jump at the site of your reflection? Yeah, this cat feels you.

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