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Hot Guy Newsletter: Supernatural Edition

'I think I'm adorable.' -- Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles/both

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Right, I’ve been really excited about compiling this edition -- well, actually, I’m always excited to put this thing together, TBH, but even more so this week -- because of the prospect of a Supernatural theme.

Ugh, so many homely and gardenly pictures to choose from! I have really had to gird myself (read: loins), because otherwise we’d end up in the wilderness, if you catch my very thin reference to homes and gardens, given that our official unofficial title is The Home and Garden Network.

As you may know, I have been a fan of this show for a good long while, and not gonna lie, the only reason is because of the leads and how hot they are. Having fallen a whole season behind and given that I’ve found the actual storylines lacking a bit since around season six or seven -- the show definitely does not have needed to go on for 12 (maybe more) seasons! -- it’s been really tempting to just toss Supernatural on top of the mountain that is my 'Things I Wanna Watch but Will Never Get Around To, Let’s Be Honest’ list, but that’s just too much hotness to give up, and as a single lady (or even any type of lady, really), why should I deprive myself of such goodness?

Sidebar – one of the main reasons I got left behind with Supernatural is because it moved to TVNZ Duke. Like, Duke is a so-called male channel, and so I can kinda see why, but, like, TVNZ, do you know who Supernatural’s actual audience is?

While a man who cleans up nicely is always, well, nice, never has a uniform of, basically, hobo jackets, plaid shirts, T-shirts and jeans looked so good.

Jensen Ackles

His incredibly manly self and voice (why is what is basically gravel in the throat so enticing?!) more than makes up for his weird name. TBH, I don’t know whether I’m in love with him or his ‘cheeky bad boy with a heart of gold who is also really funny’ character. Dean seems to be an extension of Jensen, really, not to mention he is such a cute dad IRL. Yeah, let’s go with both.

Jared Padalecki

...or JarPad, for the truly devout -- he was, of course, the adorable, if rather needy, Dean in Gilmore Girls and the douche bully in Cheaper by the Dozen 2.

He was totally fit in season one and two of Supernatural.

JarPad is also an adorable dad IRL, and he, Jensen and Misha -- who plays Castiel and is like a puppy and actually reminds me a lot of Jimmy Fallon, except that Misha puts on a really low, tortured voice that is quite nice -- have the best bromance IRL.

Following them all on social media is so worth it just to see their antics.

Jensen and Jared are so lush, even swapping their faces doesn’t make them look too bad.


I never understood how people could describe someone hot as ‘Daddy AF’, because, ew, gross, your dad! But Jeffrey Dean Morgan is. Also, he’s not that much older than Jensen Ackles IRL -- Hollywood logic.

Supernatural actually does a really good job of casting fit guys even in the smallest of roles, and I would happily spend all day showing you examples, but I will end here on a slightly controversial note.

I am forgoing this week’s Fallon Fever -- *gasps* -- in favour of some clips keeping to the Supernatural theme. Not only is this highly relevant, but also these clips aren’t as long as a standard Jimmy offering. :-P

Here’s the time Jensen’s character, Dean, was a sook for one episode --

View this video on YouTube

Here’s the time Jensen played sweet, sweet air guitar with his leg (so not really air guitar, I guess…) --

View this video on YouTube

Until next time, yours in Hot Guy service,


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