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Hot Guy Newsletter: '90s Music Edition

At work, these newsletters go by the name of Home and Garden Newsletter, obvs.

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NB: This was originally posted on the 25th of Jan 2017, so please excuse anything that dates it a bit.

Also NB: The TV show in question is also dated AF, but here in li'l ol' New Zealand, being at the arse-end of the world and all means some things take their own sweet time to get here. Interestingly, though, some things we get hot off the press, like the Super Bowl. Ugh, why even?


On this day in 1999, The Offspring went to number one on the UK singles chart with Pretty Fly For a White Guy. Good song, but not the best thing to come out of the ‘90s, IMHO, and apparently, the producers on Greatest Hits agreed, because The Offspring weren’t featured on the 1995-2000 episode, which I had the absolute pleasure of captioning and which features heavily in this edition of the Hot Guy Newsletter.

I had been waiting for this episode to come in for weeks, because, basically, The Backstreet Boys, aka the best thing to come out of the ‘90s.

I love all of them dearly in their own way, even Nick, who I felt back then was way overrated and too much of a whiny pretty boy with not even that pretty hair (the Golden Arches need to be buried in the same hole as the mullet).

My favourite was (is) always Kevin, who has had amazing hairdos over the years and has a voice deep like the ocean and smooth like honey.

Here is a screen grab from the video for Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).

20 years on, and they’re all getting on a bit, especially Kevin, who is the oldest, to be fair, but they still sing like angels, and they look damn good doing all the choreography, and I will still go and see them in concert and fangirl over them at every opportunity. Yes, even Nick, who I really think has gotten better with age. This screen grab sums it up perfectly, if only missing the fact that you couldn’t see him gyrating his hips very saucily.

Also featured in this episode of Greatest Hits was Hanson, who, oh my word, grew up HOT!

But more important – Taylor!!!!!!! OMG.

I wondered how they’d get away with MMMbop now, post-puberty, but they BRUNG it.

The words, in case you were wondering, still make no sense –

‘Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose
You can plant any one of those
Keep planting to find out which one grows
It's a secret no one knows.’

Um, boys, what is gardening?

But they did a lovely acoustic version, and their harmonies are flawless. It was properly stuck in my head till this morning, because I actually know the words now (the chorus was especially difficult.)

This is a low-quality version which, again, doesn’t do them justice (that seems to be the theme of this newsletter today), but I highly recommend going home, changing your VPN to the US so you can watch the video in HD to see Taylor and his white pants in all their glory.

Until next time, mmmbop, ba-duba, dop, ba, du, bop.

Yours in Hot Guy appreciation,


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