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    19 Timeless Decor Pieces For Someone Who Loves All Things Antique

    "Vintage. So adorable." - Regina George.

    1. A vintage trunk that you can use to store your favourite jewellery like a character in a 1940s movie - ₹1,699 onwards

    2. Or this hand-painted box that looks like it belongs on a queen's vanity - ₹699

    A light blue hand-painted box

    3. An engraved hand mirror that'll make you feel like your evil plan has been set into motion every time you look into it - ₹857

    An engraved mirror on a bed

    4. A set of golden bulbs that resemble the original tungsten ones, they'll create a wonderfully warm ambiance - ₹499

    5. A 5-piece chandelier that looks like it belongs in a Victorian mansion where Sherlock Holmes is investigating a murder - ₹3,499

    6. A gorgeous rustic mirror that proves mirrors don't just belong in the bathroom. You can easily hang this up in your living room to completely change up the vibe - ₹1,999

    7. A tripod lamp that will literally light up that dull corner of your home that you really wanna bring some life to - ₹1,390

    A tripod lamp

    8. A pair of milk can shaped candle holders that'll make you feel so much calmer by casting gorgeous shadows across your walls - ₹1,199

    9. A vintage wall clock that looks like it belongs on Platform 9¾ - ₹1,395

    A vintage wall clock

    10. A brass door knocker that is giving me big "The Lannisters send their regards" vibes - ₹875

    11. A cute little wrought iron cycle rickshaw that's small but it's going to be really noticeable in your living room - ₹349

    A wrought iron cycle

    12. An iron lamp that'll look especially pretty in your backyard/balcony area - ₹825

    13. And you can pair it with this wall-hanging lamp to get a bit of a theme going that's going to change up your home - ₹1,090

    14. A vintage-themed radio that'll not only add to your aesthetic but also let you create the mood with some old-timey classics - ₹1,699

    A vintage radio

    15. A brass uruli that you can add some colourful flowers to so your living room has a more vibrant and chill vibe - ₹1,245

    A brass urli with flowers in it

    16. An elegant photo frame that you can use to honour your favourite people - ₹299

    A photo frame on a table

    17. A luxurious candelabra that's basically all your dining room table needs for a touch of elegance - ₹2,499

    A golden candelabra against a pink background

    18. A table lamp for your bedroom that looks like it's been taken straight out of a hotel room - ₹1,387

    A table lamp on a table

    19. And finally, an elegant candleholder that'll make you wonder how a tiny tealight can produce so much brightness - ₹349

    A golden candleholder