14 Things That Every "One Direction" Fan Will Remember Forever

    We got a whole lotta history.

    1. 1D Day!

    The members of one direction posing

    2. Everyone trying their hardest to get them to make No Control a single.

    A man being held up by people at a party

    3. Watching their solo The X Factor auditions (and crying over them).

    4. All the lyric changes!!!

    A man singing with the lyrics, "my body fails i'm on my knees, Travis"

    5. This Is Us lived rent-free in your head!

    6. "Where are we going today, Mark?!!"

    A man smiles at the camera

    7. Waking up on March 25th, 2015, and checking your social media.

    8. Harry running to the stage to accept their BRIT Award because he was in the bathroom.

    A man asking "What did we win?" on stage

    9. "The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction".

    One Direction animated as superheroes

    10. Trying to beat the most-watched music video record on YouTube for basically everything they released.

    A boyband dancing

    11. Watching these random facts videos (that weren't always entirely factual).

    A man lying down with the words "Niall talks about his day in his sleep" below

    12. The tour Q&A sessions.

    A boyband on stand answering questions

    13. Watching their video diaries was one of your main sources of comfort.

    A man screaming surrounded by people laughing at him

    14. And finally, their last group hug at their last performance.

    A bunch of men group hugging