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    23 Products That'll Make Your Home The Comfiest It's Ever Been

    Make your home all comfy for the winters!

    1. A bear hug pillow that'll provide you with some backrest to make your reading sessions even more fun - ₹2,499

    A blue bear hug pillow

    2. A set of hotel quality cushions for your bedroom that'll give you the best winter afternoon naps ever - ₹699

    Two pillows with a checkered pattern

    3. A set of pastel velvet cushion covers that'll not only add a subtle pop of colour but give you something to hold onto when you're watching a sad movie - ₹649

    4. If you're constantly awoken in the middle of the night due to the flashing lights of the city or the loud bustling traffic, get these blackout curtains that will take care of both problems - ₹999

    A set of blackout curtains near a window with black pillows on a chair

    5. And a memory foam mattress topper that'll make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud that's giving you a hug - ₹3,999 onwards

    A mattress topper

    6. Some curtain lights that'll make your room feel so much more inviting and warm - ₹1,099

    Fairy lights draped over chairs and tables

    7. A thick comforter that'll keep you warm through these winter nights - ₹1,849

    A red and grey comforter on a bed

    8. A memory foam wedge pillow that you can prop up on your sofa to give yourself better posture and also feel more comfortable as you binge-watch Friends all day - ₹2,699

    A wedge pillow with a woman lying down on it

    9. A remote organiser because there's nothing worse than settling in all comfortable on your sofa before realising that the TV remote is nowhere to be found - ₹449

    A remote organiser

    10. A velvet floor cushion that'll bring your feet so much relief after you've had an unbelievably tiring day - ₹499

    A woman sitting on a blue velvet floor cushion

    11. A foldable wooden desk that comes with a cup holder so you can comfortably work in bed without making a huge mess that'll take ages to clean up - ₹799

    A laptop desk with a laptop and a mouse on it

    12. A flexible phone and tablet holder so you can binge-watch all day long hands-free without worrying about cramping up your hand - ₹599

    A phone and tablet holder

    13. A sherpa blanket that you can cuddle up to with your furry bestie on cold winter mornings - ₹1,229

    14. A plush rug that'll even make the ground underneath your feet more comfy - ₹1,999

    15. A frosted film that you can add to your windows to give yourself some privacy for your midnight crying sessions over your favourite shows - ₹249 onwards

    A frosted film behind a table

    16. An adjustable shower head that has 6 modes to give you the most relaxing shower you've ever had after you've spent the day trying to interpret glitchy work meetings - ₹1,199

    A relaxing shower head

    17. A 4.5-star rated zero-gravity reclining chair that'll basically make you feel like you're flying away from your stress as you sip your tea on it - ₹4,099

    A reclining chair next to a table with lemon water

    18. A desk fan for someone who's always asking others to switch the fan on during winter (and hardly ever succeeds) - ₹1,298

    A desk fan next to its packaging and the manual for usage

    19. If you're using one of those uncomfortable hard wooden chairs for your work from home days, use this lower back support memory foam pillow to make it feel less stiff - ₹1,790

    A memory foam back pillow

    20. A chocolate scented candle that'll give your house a more warm, homey feel - ₹399

    Vanilla scented candle

    21. Or this Himalayan rock salt lamp that'll instantly cosy up any room - ₹1,299

    A Himalayan Rock Salt lamp on a table

    22. And a colour-changing essential oil diffuser that'll fill your home with calming scents to further accentuate the cosiness - ₹729

    A humidifier

    23. And finally, a fluffy bean bag chair cover that may end up causing some arguments because everyone in your family will want to sit on it at the same time - ₹1,690

    A grey fluffy bean bag chair on a soft rug