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    25 Gorgeous Products From ExclusiveLane That Will Beautify Every Part Of Your Home

    If you're into beautiful, uniquely hand-painted Indian handicrafts, these are perfect for you!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    ExclusiveLane is a crafts and design store that was established in 2012 with a vision to promote crafts globally and to help small artisans based in different parts of India earn a living out of it. They are currently working with 80+ artisans and craftspeople across India and helping them in developing the end product, right from the ideation phase. Each product is uniquely handmade and hand-painted with miniature details by skilled craftspeople.

    1. A best-selling Sheesham lamp that will make your bedroom feel and look so much more cosy and welcoming, you'll never want to leave it - ₹999

    Sheesham lamp

    2. A cute little ceramic aroma oil diffuser and humidifier to make you feel completely and utterly relaxed at the end of a long day - ₹1,154

    A kettle shaped diffuser

    3. A set of terracotta pots that will make your space seem lively and bright with minimal effort - ₹749

    Yellow pots

    4. A hand-painted kulhad cup set that will make your evening tea feel even more refreshing and authentic - ₹729

    Cup set

    5. Or you can even get these rustic ceramic mugs that'll make you look forward to your daily cup of tea/coffee even more - ₹696

    A set of ceramic mugs

    6. A golden wall sconce with 4 tea light holders that's so damn gorgeous, it's impossible to ignore - ₹1,299

    Tealight holders

    7. A colourful handpainted terracotta fish wall-hanging that will instantly add a playful pop of colour to your space - ₹999

    Terracotta wall hanging

    8. A pair of Mediterranean-patterned serving bowls that you'll want to use every single day (even though your mom would probably insist on saving them for special occasions) - ₹749

    Serving bowls

    9. And this Madhubani nested serving tray set that will elevate any snack you choose to serve on Diwali - ₹1,963

    A Madhubani serving tray set

    10. A Warli pot to accentuate the beauty of the flowers you'll receive over the festive season - ₹699

    A Warli pot

    11. A vibrant elephant tealight holder which is the perfect thing to buy for the festive season since you'll want to bring it out every day - ₹1,049

    Elephant tealight holder

    12. A handheld engraved wooden mirror that will make you feel like you're living in an era that is not the year 2020, which is something we could all use right now - ₹899

    Handheld mirror

    13. A Warli and Dhokra inspired nameplate to replace the worn-out one you got when you first moved in - ₹1,299


    14. A colourful bookend that will make your cluttered table look so much more organised and colourful - ₹1,364


    15. A Madhubani vase that is perfect for creating a contrast in a bright living room to balance things out - ₹1,499

    A black vase

    16. Since it is the festival of lights, get this gorgeous shimmery Morrocan lamp that will cast beautiful shadows on your walls - ₹1,418

    A Moroccan lamp

    17. Or you could even get this tea light holder for your balcony because every part of your home deserves something new - ₹699

    Tealight holder

    18. And you can match it up with this shell-shaped tea light holder so you can have a little festive theme going on - ₹701

    19. A pair of these cute and colourful little turtles that strike the perfect balance between quirky and ethnic - ₹525

    Terracotta turtles

    20. An adorable horse wall-hanging for people who want to keep their decor easy on the eyes yet eye-catching - ₹799

    Horse wall hanging

    21. A bright red terracotta bedside lamp that will make your bedroom feel so much more refreshing and new - ₹1,599

    A red terracotta lamp

    22. If you're constantly losing your glasses, hand them over to this wise owl that will always take care of them for you - ₹701

    An owl glasses holder

    23. And if want to keep the owl theme going, get this owl tealight holder that will be the perfect addition to your side table - ₹664

    A tealight holder

    24. A mini hut which will look great in every single room in your home - ₹399

    25. And finally, a ceramic bathroom accessories set that might just make you feel like an actual adult - ₹1,199

    A bathroom accessories set