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    18 Products That'll Help You Seriously Declutter Your Bathroom With Minimal Effort

    If only ignoring the clutter could make it disappear...

    1. An over-the-door organiser that'll help you store all the random stuff you've got lying around in your bathroom - ₹689

    An over the door organiser on a door

    2. Or if you want something a lot more detailed with sections, get this over-the-door organiser with 20 separate storage pockets! - ₹540

    An over the door organiser with pockets

    3. A spacious two-tier shelf that'll get stuff off your counters and into one cohesive pile so you don't end up knocking them down - ₹711

    A black, metal two-tier shelf with items on it

    4. And if you really want your counters to have as little clutter as possible, get this wall-mounted toothbrush holder - ₹451

    A wall-mounted shelf with toothbrushes and toothpaste

    5. Or this toothbrush organiser that might just help you finally differentiate your toothbrush from your family's so you never have to worry about using the wrong one again - ₹399

    A person putting a toothpaste in a toothbrush organiser

    6. A 3-layer shower caddy that you literally just have to hang on to your showerhead and voila! You've got yourself a whole lot of space - ₹689

    A three-layer shower caddy hanging from a showerhead.

    7. A caddy that's going to make you wonder why you didn't get it sooner because of how neat things will look after you've installed this - ₹649

    A caddy with shower products and a towel

    8. A mirror cabinet that's perfect for someone who is trying to focus on their skincare routine a bit more and their poor counters can't seem to contain the growing hoard of products - ₹1,699

    A mirror cabinet with items in it

    9. A sectioned organiser that you can use to store your daily-use makeup products - ₹550

    A grey-coloured sectioned organiser with items in it

    10. If 2021 has turned you into a bit of a germaphobe, get this towel rack that will help you separate your hand towels from your family's - ₹299

    A towel organiser with four separate hangers pictured with four towels on it.

    11. An over-the-toilet organiser that will let you squeeze every little bit of space available in your bathroom - ₹599

    An over-the-toilet organiser with items in it

    12. Speaking of squeezing every little bit of space out, this over-the-cabinet organiser is another great thing for smaller bathrooms - ₹310

    A cabinet organiser with shower products in it

    13. A multipurpose shelf that you can use as a toilet paper/phone holder or even as a soap and towel holder - ₹394

    14. A simple but important soap holder that's going to make sure you never have to step out of the shower to grab your soap from the counter - ₹329

    A two-level soap organiser with soaps on it

    15. A corner shelf rack so you can have your shampoo, soap, and body washes as close to you as you possibly can - ₹499

    A corner shelf rack with items on it

    16. An expandable rack that will add a new layer of space to every existing shelf you own - ₹597

    An expandable rack with food items on it next to a flower pot.

    17. A mini trash can that will stop you from leaving wrappers lying all over the place because you're too lazy to take them to the real garbage can - ₹153

    Two mini trash cans

    18. And finally, a set of interlocking bins that will help you organise your drawers so you can find things a lot quicker - ₹469

    A set of interlocking bins arranged inside a drawer with items stored in them.