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    13 Affordable Luxuries Under ₹1,000 That You Should Treat Yourself To

    Make every day a bit more special.

    1. A foldable table from Ikea so you can enjoy breakfast in bed every once in a while instead of aggressively shoving toast in your mouth by the kitchen counter because you're late - ₹840

    A foldable table with pillows under it. A cup of coffee, pitcher of juice, banana, and few pomegranates are kept on the table.

    2. An enriching all-natural gemstone soap bar that will not only look great in your bathroom but also make you feel so relaxed after you use it - ₹275

    An agate gemstone soap bar next to its box

    3. Make yourself a nice smooth cup of matcha latte on days you just want to pamper yourself a little bit - ₹469

    4. A milk frother that can be used to make cafe-quality cappuccinos, which will cost way less than ordering one every other day - ₹999

    Steps displaying how to use the milk frother

    5. A pretty glass carafe that will make your everyday orange juice, coffee, or tea seem so much more inviting - ₹384

    6. A set of pastel fine point pens that might just make you want to take notes during your online class - ₹425

    7. A fruit infuser bottle that will encourage you to stay hydrated and make your water taste more refreshing than usual - ₹849

    Fruit infuser bottle

    8. A more pocket-friendly deep bass JBL Bluetooth speaker that will make your favourite songs sound even better - ₹899

    JBL speaker on a table

    9. A soft and fluffy comforter that you'll want to snuggle back in right from the moment you get out of it - ₹865

    A beige duvet cover on a bed

    10. A scalp massager that you can use every single morning in the shower to give your head the most relaxing experience ever - ₹269

    Scalp massager

    11. An insulated flask that will keep your beverages at the perfectly right temperature all day long so you'll be saved from the cold sip of coffee that's been sitting on your desk for ages - ₹780

    Insulated flask

    12. A set of hydrating face masks from The Face Shop is the perfect little thing to treat yourself to after a hard day at work - ₹399

    A set of hydrating facemasks

    13. And finally, a body pillow that you can cuddle up to during cold winter nights - ₹749

    A person stretching awake on a body pillow