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    19 Vegan Food Items That Are Just So Damn Tasty

    Vegans, your time has come.

    1. Make your mornings a lot more exciting with this peppery cashew butter - ₹299

    2. Or if you'd prefer to have something sweet, you can try making these Vegan vanilla pancakes (but be aware, you will be thinking about these all day long) - ₹187

    3. This banana chia granola that'll make you want to sit down and enjoy a hearty breakfast - ₹300

    4. Substitute your regular breakfast spread with this almond butter spread - ₹397

    5. These Thai rice crackers that you'll constantly be reaching for when you binge-watch movies on the weekends - ₹265

    6. Munch on these crispy seed crackers while idling away at work - ₹175

    7. Or you can have a night in with friends and dip those crackers into this rich chipotle mayo - ₹340

    8. If you're still in the process of transitioning, this vegan mock meat will be a blessing for you - ₹145

    9. This pack of Thai Chili quinoa crackers for those who like their snacks sweet and spicy - ₹164

    10. Top off your favorite dessert with an indulgent serving of this vegan chocolate syrup - ₹275

    11. Add these jowar puffs to your daily tea-time snack for a tangy burst of surprise - ₹180

    12. If you want a little bit of everything, you should definitely give this vegan snack collection a try - ₹860

    13. Feed those candy cravings with these fruit snacks that are great for adults as well as kids - ₹410

    14. Serve these spiced puffed rice crackers with a tasty dip to make your next party instantly fancy - ₹175

    15. Who doesn't love makhanas? You can get this assorted pack of three flavoured makhanas that'll cater to all your moods - ₹297

    16. Chocoholics, you won't be missing out because of these vegan chocolates - ₹420

    17. Unwind after a long day at work with a chilled cup of this almond milk with cocoa - ₹540

    18. This vegan chocolate, cranberry, and almond protein bar that gives you the punch of protein you need but doesn't skimp out on the taste - ₹400

    19. And finally, you can spice up the plain old sweet cookie with these protein-packed chia turmeric cookies - ₹210