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    15 Things That Will Make Your Study Sessions So Much More Productive

    “I wish, I wish, with all my heart that I get through exam season without falling apart.”

    1. A study planner because organisation is so important to get in the right mindset for studying - ₹499

    2. A pack of foam earplugs because we all know how loud our homes can get - ₹170

    3. A timer for focusing using the Pomodoro technique (and also to not be distracted by your phone) - ₹877

    4. Some green tea that will help you in gain better focus, concentration and memory - ₹375

    5. A clip-on adjustable light so you always have adequate lighting and reduced eye strain - ₹499

    6. Or this moon lamp that will draw you to your desk simply because of how beautiful it is - ₹799

    7. A mini desk fan that will help you in stay cool while studying since it’s almost summer now - ₹999

    8. A pack of flash cards that will make your revision sesh in the morning so much easier - ₹299

    9. A memory foam backrest pillow so you can max comfortable while studying - ₹1,599

    10. A hot cup of the world’s strongest coffee is surely going to get your gears going - ₹400

    11. A headache relief roll on because everyone knows what a headache studying for hours on an end can be - ₹330

    12. A habit tracker that lets you set daily goals and see how often you meet them so you know the areas that require improvement - ₹349

    13. A 24 pocket expandable folder so you can organise all your notes into one cohesive place and carry them to class - ₹999

    14. A pack of erasable highlighters that will make marking important paragraphs a lot more fun and convenient - ₹949

    15. And finally, a spinning ring which you can take with you to the actual exam so you can feel less anxious - ₹399 onwards