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    15 Amazing Brews That Every Coffee Lover Needs To Try At Least Once

    Today's good mood is sponsored by coffee.

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    1. A sugar-free double chocolate mocha that you can make in the comfort of your own home - ₹186

    Get this 50g pack here.

    2. Make your first cup of coffee smell even more tempting with this vanilla coffee that has creamy vanilla undertones, which don't overpower the bitterness you crave - ₹288

    You're going to need a coffee machine to brew this one. Get this 200g pack here.

    3. A pack of Vienna dark roast from Blue Tokai that's so damn smooth, you'll always crave it - ₹400

    Get this 250g pack here.

    4. A pack of rich 100% pure filter coffee that doesn't contain any chicory - ₹250

    You'll need a filter coffee machine to brew this one. Get this 200g pack here.

    5. Or if you like subtle notes of chicory in your filter coffee, get this 80% coffee and 20% chicory blend - ₹250

    You'll need a South Indian filter to brew this one. Get this 500g pack here.

    6. Or if you want an alternative that you can make without a coffee machine, get this filter coffee and chicory blend - ₹270

    Get this 100g pack here.

    7. A pack of hazelnut flavoured coffee for those who basically want to eat Nutella for every meal - ₹318

    Get this 60g pack here.

    8. An indulgent Irish Cream instant coffee that'll give you the fancy café experience right at home - ₹495

    Get this 50g pack here.

    9. A set of Davidoff instant coffees for those who want a luxurious cup of coffee every single morning - ₹1,200

    I can vouch for this coffee since I have it every single day and absolutely love it!

    Get 3 packs of 100g here.

    10. Upgrade your everyday cup of Nescafé coffee to this Nescafé Gold coffee that contains a fine blend of Robusta and Arabica - ₹261

    Get this 50g pack here.

    11. Since it's almost summer, a cup of cold brew coffee will definitely help you cool down and energise you after you've been out in the sun all day long - ₹255

    Get it here.

    12. A pack of mint flavoured instant coffee that'll make you feel cosy and refreshed - ₹186

    Get this 50g pack here.

    13. A caramel coffee for when you just want to treat yourself - ₹318

    Get this 60g pack here.

    14. This gourmet coffee that has perfectly balanced flavour notes of toasted peanuts and dark chocolate - ₹450

    You'll need a coffee machine for this one. Get it here.

    15. And finally, this premium 100% Arabica coffee that's been sourced from Nicaragua and Anamalai to give you a rich citrusy blend of flavours - ₹450

    This coffee can be brewed using a French Press or a South Indian filter.

    Get it here.