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4 Marvel Characters Ripe For Netflix

With The Defenders right around the corner, here are some more characters that could join the heroes of Hell's Kitchen.

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1. Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider was a great addition to this past season of Agents of SHIELD. But that was Robbie Reyes, and its time Johnny Blaze got a second chance, and a small screen outing on Netflix could be just the thing. Plus, its a great gateway to more of the supernatural parts of Marvel.

2. Blade

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Another character to help expand the supernatural is Blade. Bringing back Wesley Snipes would be a fun bonus, but it could be better to see a new actor tackle the daywalker's battle against the vampiric menace in Marvel.

3. Moon Knight

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A more obscure character that could flourish on Netflix is the mad hero, Moon Knight. Some versions have had him empowered by an Egyptian god while others have had the hero question his sanity, either way, he would not be out of place standing next to the likes of Iron Fist.

4. Black Widow

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Last, but not least, is Black Widow. This is more a case of getting more of the spy in general, whether its a film or Netflix series. A Netflix series could be a better avenue, and could led the mystery build behind whatever threat Natasha is on the heels off. And given the events of Captain America: Civil War, having the fugitive angle play out in long-form could build the character even more.

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