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Gift Ideas
Under $50

WARNING: Lots of fluffiness ahead.

Get ready to get your gobble on.

Deals at ModCloth, Macy's, Barnes & Noble, and more!

"This is SO me!!!" —them, right after they open your gift.

Including tea sampler boxes, model boat kits, luxurious bath melts, "slang" flash cards, truly fantastic mugs, satin sleep shirts, and a whole banana bunch of other stuff — all under $20!

Take a deep breath — we are going to get THROUGH — oh look, you're done!

Cheap things that make a little difference in your day-to-day.

Practical gifts are the best gifts. Go ahead, fight me!

Find something for your dad, brother, significant other — or literally anybody in your life!

These products will make you smile from ear to ear — that's the honest ~tooth.~

A hand-made aromatherapy gift box, a mini-doughnut maker, cozy boot socks, and 17 other delightful things you can get on Amazon.

Give these lil' sweetie pops a good home!

No regrets here!

Because it's genuinely fun to surprise your sweetheart with a gift you know they'll genuinely love.

Deals on KitchenAid stand mixers, Shiatsu massage cushions, electric toothbrushes, TVs, and more!

Show your appreciation and secure an invite to all their future parties with one of these gems. From your BFF’s impromptu hangout to a coworker’s formal dinner party, there’s something for everyone.

Basically the same stuff for less!

Deals on KitchenAid stand mixers, flat irons, tablets, handbags, and more!

Do you need these things? No. Should you have these things anyway? Yes.

"I love shaving!" — said no, ever.

Be prepared to suddenly be everyone's favorite person.

When your holiday wish list is just tickets to all the concerts you wanna see.

Smartphone photo printers, cashmere stoles, sous vide precision cookers, custom pet pillows, Glossier serums, and other amazing treats for people at the top of your ~nice~ list.

A moisturizing vitamin E cream, book of Monday's NYT crossword puzzles, a seven-day antiperspirant, and 19 other favorite products from our recent posts.

A pretty backpack purse, reusable Stasher self-sealing bag, PyroPet candle, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

♫ Shine bright like a diamond ♫

Look pulled together...even if you hit the snooze button five times.

Deals at Target, All Saints, ModCloth, and more!

Including "HOLD THE DOOR" puzzles, exclusive Harry Potter board games, gorgeously illustrated special edition books, and more!

Listen — you'll feel so much better by the time 2019 rolls around, I promise!