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Gift Ideas
Under $50

These products are ~practically~ perfect in every way.

Sooooo... you?


Perfect gifts that your valentine will adore.

For when you don't want to give them chocolate.


So you can totally win the gift-giving game this time around;)

Just bookmark this list *now* because it's always someone's birthday.

Friends don't let friends throw parties with boring games.

Possibly the only party game you can play with everyone from your meme-obsessed friend to your (cool) grandma. I know, because I've played it with both.

An underwater disco light, ridiculous stress swan thing, miniature laser tag, and 35 other things that'll give you something to do whenever you have nothing to do.

Send this list to all your friends and family as a not-so-subtle hint. 😏

Take your feet to their happy place.

These bags are all you and your little one need!

I have instructions from Santa himself for you to TREAT YO'SELF!

For those of you who ended up procrastinating gift-buying because you had no clue what to get!

Worry about buying a coffee table later.

Can I really be blamed if my craving for coffee is IN MY GENES?!?

These gifts will keep them warm ALL winter long.

*closes eyes and points at the internet*

When you're broke AND a procrastinator — so all of us.

No matter who you're shopping for, I have a gift they'll love — I guarantee it!

Jewelry, a meat and cheese basket, a crystal-growing kit, the Nintendo Switch, and tons of other gifts that'll arrive before Xmas!

Pets everywhere are giving this stuff four paws up.

We're saving your ass right now.

Ah, my dear procrastinators. Come hither. I'm here to provide comfort in the form of gifts you will receive just in time for the holidays.

Cozy, cute, and under $20!

*smashes unsubscribe button on 2018 self*

"I saw this months ago and thought about you!"

It's not too late for impressive gifts, we promise.