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We Asked Total Beginners To Try Out These Nail Art Designs

Ready to get your nails did?

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We asked total beginners to try re-creating these DIY nail art designs, and here's what happened...

Ines: When I first tried this with a variety of brushes (and I think I used allllll the brushes), it looked like I'd dipped my hands in various condiments, no matter what combination of blending and dabbing I did. Turns out you should use a makeup sponge!

Level of difficulty (out of 5): 💅 💅 💅 💅

Claire: Take it slowly — if you rush, it'll look rushed. I think it's a great design for someone looking to step up their nail game in a pretty easy way.

Level of difficulty (out of 5): 💅 💅 💅

Photographs by Sarah Stone/© BuzzFeed

Illustrations by Kirby Darland/© BuzzFeed

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