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11 Makeup Techniques For Anyone Who Is Confused By Makeup

Tackle the beast that is beauty. There are tons of tricks out there, but this will give you a simple base to start!

Use soft, light strokes as you apply.

Hair spray will keep your strays in place.

White eyeliner will act as a highlighter.

Primer will hold your shadows in place.

Light on the inside, dark on the outside.

Connect the dots.

Cover up blemishes and dark circles with concealer.

Foundation will give you a flawless look.

Brighten up with blush.

Draw an X as your guideline.

Avoid colourful teeth by using your fingers.

All images via Lauren Zaser / Design via James Devogelear / BuzzFeed

You can only learn what works best by experimenting, as there are tricks for every type of face, eye, brow, and lip shape. No matter what size, shape, or colour you are, get all the tools for your makeup routine at Shoppers Drug Mart.