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10 Lipstick Looks That’ll Inspire You To Go Bold

If you’re #hungryforbeauty, Shoppers Drug Mart has a plethora of products for your perfect pout.

1. A crimson lip always pairs well with dark lashes:

2. Jewel tone pouts that bring out glowing skin:

3. A deep wine lip that amplifies a chic leather ensemble:

4. A pink pout that's perfectly doll-like:

5. A deep brown lip that brings out deep brown eyes:

6. A red that simply rocks:

7. A pop of lilac that complements a celebration of colour:

8. A berry hue that's perfect for kissing kitties:

9. Black lips that add instant edges to your sweetness:

10. And purple pouts that prove a fuchsia lip is always appropriate ✨:

Get the products you need for the bold lip of your dreams at Shoppers Drug Mart.