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12 Coral Accent Nails You Need To Try This Spring

Spring has arrived, and it's time to add a splash of coral with these accent nails.

1. Use cellophane tape to create a herringbone pattern.

2. Put a twist on French tips with gold foil stickers.

3. And experiment with a sloped edge on rounded nails.

4. Use a fine precision brush to create this tropical feather design.

5. Pair coral with hot pink.

6. Keep it simple. Pair a solid accent nail with block colors.

7. Add a coat or two of glitter polish for an understated accent nail.

8. Create texture with a lace sticker.

9. Add some shimmer, and opt for a glitter coral polish.

10. Experiment with rhinestones by using a solid coral nail to create contrast.

11. Try swirling together colors to create this marble effect.

12. Or use a dotting tool, and swirl two colors together to create a more detailed floral pattern.

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