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11 Beauty Instagrammers Who Will Keep You On Trend This Fall

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We asked beauty bloggers to share what looks they're most excited for. Warning: Do try these at home. 💋💄💅👌

1. "It's always fun to experiment with colours. Last fall, I braved a brown lip and became obsessed. For fall 2016, it's time to take it another step further with grey!"

2. "Coloured highlighters add a mystical feel to an everyday look."

3. "My favourite beauty trend right now would have to be metallic lipsticks! They are amazing!"

4. "I'm obsessed with liquid lipsticks. I don't know how I lived before them."

5. "My favourite trend is hands-down glowing and radiant skin. My highlight has to be seen from across the room!"

6. "I'm loving glitter lips and glitter eye shadow! A lot of people are afraid of the word 'glitter,' but I love being different. I think there's beauty in being different and standing out!"

7. "Having dewy skin and a neutral lip paired with a smoky brown lid and a pop of colour is my fall 'go-to' look."

8. "Metallic highlighters on the inner eye give the perfect glowy look, and it's stunning! I can't stop using them."

9. "Definitely bright, colourful eye shadows or just a simple pop of colour on a neutral eye."

10. "I love statement colours, whether it's showcasing a blend of colourful eye shadows or rocking a bold lip colour such as the deep browns, reds, and blacks. It's all about self-expression."

11. "My favourite beauty trend is bold eyebrows. Since I'm blond, I like to pencil them in."

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