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India's Tryst With Destiny - TheGIST

Some stories makes us laugh , some stories make us cry, but some stories make you get up & question why. And what really completes them is a perspective – Your perspective, Our Stories!

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India's tryst with destiny

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Who is the Origin? Who is the Source?

When we started working on a release towards Independence Day, the first thing we could think about was going back to the origin and relating it to Jawaharlal Nehru’s midnight speech. This brought forth an emotional constipation that makes us similar to each other! Time and again we are fed the fodder that teaches us what is right and what is wrong. When the need for that arise? Are we not capable of reasoning ourselves and believing in the human standing in front of us? Who decided if it fits in the bracket of right or wrong? Are people no longer entitled to think?

Just because it’s not ME, it doesn’t have to be an enemy. This alienation triggered by hypocrisy and intolerance is what is leading to people shrinking into their shells and starting to feel lonely. That’s what this video addresses. We are all told butchered truths advocated for the sake of BharatMata, in the name of land, which can blur the illusions of wrong from right. So we made BharatMata question her own #Trystwithdestiny. The 9 characterised emotions of Navaras then unfold a narrative that tries to convey to you that even if we are all alone, we are all in this together. And hence, it’s time to find our individuality by reasoning. That’s the simplest and truest way to be patriotic.

And that is where the shift happens . With like minded people lead by their #girlboss and producer, Prashanti, TheGIST is Bangalore’s first digital entertainment channel. The idea is to create a platform that is solely for storytellers with stories! Some that makes us laugh & cry and some that make you sit up & question why, but what really completes them is a perspective – Your perspective, Our Stories!

That’s The Gist For Independence Day, this is our perspective. And in this case, it’s all about the #trystwithdestiny on The 71st year of Indian Independence.

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