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14 Genius Things That Will Help You Use Less Water

Use these smart products to Shock the Drought.

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2. This watering can will collect water wasted while your shower heats up.

Because this is the perfect excuse to get cute plants in your bathroom. Fund it here.

4. This solar cover protects your pool from evaporating.

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6. This silicon scraper makes it unnecessary to rinse off dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.


Because no one should have dishpan hands ever again. Get it here.

11. This timer helps you keep your showers short, sweet, and green.

Because sometimes solutions really are that simple. Get it here.

12. This efficient tree-watering system helps little trees grow big and strong.

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14. And lastly, this xeriscaping book teaches you to go green with a low-maintenance lawn.

Because no one likes high maintenance. Get it here.