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14 Genius Things That Will Help You Use Less Water

Use these smart products to Shock the Drought.

1. This misting showerhead uses 70% less water than conventional heads.

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Because it's like showering in the future. Fund it here.

2. This watering can will collect water wasted while your shower heats up.

Because this is the perfect excuse to get cute plants in your bathroom. Fund it here.

3. This portable rain barrel will capture your thunderstorm for later use.


Because you should use the rain drops that keep falling on your head. Get it here.

4. This solar cover protects your pool from evaporating.

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5. This adjustable hose nozzle uses less water than a plain hose.


Because everybody loves options. Get it here.

6. This silicon scraper makes it unnecessary to rinse off dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.


Because no one should have dishpan hands ever again. Get it here.

7. This showerhead changes colors when you've been inside the shower too long.

Because we all lose track of time when singing RiRi. Request a demo here.

8. This genius attachment turns your toilet into a sink.


Because the water that cleans your hands should clean your bowl. Get it here.

9. This bucket sink makes it a snap to water plants after washing the dishes.

Because we all know you licked the plate clean anyway. Get it here.

10. This irrigating planter saves water normally lost down the drainage hole.


Because you also get to strike a chore from your list. Get it here.

11. This timer helps you keep your showers short, sweet, and green.

Because sometimes solutions really are that simple. Get it here.

12. This efficient tree-watering system helps little trees grow big and strong.

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13. This showerhead lets you save water spent while you find the perfect temperature.


Because it's a daily struggle that the planet shouldn't pay for. Get it here.

14. And lastly, this xeriscaping book teaches you to go green with a low-maintenance lawn.

Because no one likes high maintenance. Get it here.

You can also drop a brick in your toilet to save about 50 gallons of water per week.

Because dropping a brick is something to be proud of. Get it here.

Learn more ways you can Shock the Drought today.