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16 GIF's That Describe The Roller Coaster That Is Medical School

Trust me! I'm still almost a doctor.

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1. Studying 2.0. It's some next level stuff. / Via

"toto, I've a feeling we're not in undergrad anymore."

2. No more curve.

Disney Channel / Via

You mean we can ALL do well??"

3. Fat. And I'm not talking about the freshman 15. I mean literal fat on a cadaver. It. Covers. Everything.

Universal Studios / Via

"is this an important structure, sir?" Nope, it's just fat.

4. Holding a brain or heart for the first time.

Warner Bros. / Via

5. Licensing Exams. Aka our speciality defining test.

Hughes Entertainment / Via

6. The relief that you're already in medical school and will most certainly become a doctor.

20th Century Fox Television / Via

The most exclusive part is over!

7. Learning relevant and practical material

NBC / Via

In other words, no more horrid classes like calculus or physics!!

8. Having that material casually crammed into your brain like nobody's business

Nickelodeon / Via

9. Explaining your stinted social life to non-medical students.

Nickelodeon / Via

"You free this Tuesday?" Nah bro....

10. Hitting it hard after test days

Poppy Productions / Via

11. Stepping into the hospital for the first time.

Disney Channel / Via

Where is anything and how do I walk like a normal human being?

12. Interacting with your first patient

The Ellen DeGeneres Show / Via

You're telling me I'm gonna get paid to do this?!

13. Not having to worry about registering for classes every semester.

Lionsgate / Via

14. Being bitter and complaining to anyone and everyone about poor scheduling choices.

NBC / Via

Three classes and a lab the day after our tests...? But why...

15. Having to take out loans to pay for (you guessed it) even more school.

NBC / Via

16. But lastly, the assurance that you're going into job with A LOT of financial stability.

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