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    21 MINISO Products That Are As Functional As They Are Cute

    Okay, so where's the option to add everything to the cart?

    1. This travel bottle kit is perfect for when you have to carry multiple liquids at once. Especially now that you need a squeezy and a spray sanitiser and a moisturiser with you pretty much all the time - ₹200

    2. This mushroom-shaped beauty blender has rounded edges and is so plush, it makes blending effortless - ₹190

    3. This blush brush from their Macaroon series is super soft and the bristles glide like clouds on your face - ₹190

    4. These retractable brow razors are lightweight and have a non-slip grip. You can adjust the razor length and lock it in place depending on how much surface area you need to cover - ₹190

    5. You will greatly appreciate this small neck pillow the next time you want to lay down in bed and binge-watch WandaVision without straining the muscles in your neck and shoulder - ₹350

    6. These cute pastel wall mount hooks can hold up to 1kg worth of load! - ₹190

    7. This storage box covered in a fabric that looks extremely chic and will fit right into your home - ₹490

    8. This set of 6 heart-shaped tealight candles you can't just scroll past without adding them to your cart immediately - ₹90

    9. Or this gorgeous navy blue cosmetic bag that you can also use as a clutch purse. It's so good, over 1,300 people recommend it! - ₹190

    10. This floral square cosmetic bag is perfect for when you have liquid products and need them all to stay upright - ₹350

    11. This stylish and practical transparent tote bag with a clutch that is perfect for carrying all your essentials - ₹500

    12. This adorable watermelon coin purse that is just begging you to start screaming "Watermelon Sugar HIGH!" - ₹190

    13. The Ginger White perfume from MINISO with notes of cedar and Oriental musk is a personal favourite and it is long-lasting too! The fragrance is sharp but subtle enough to not induce migraines – ₹414

    14. This Melbourne Pink Lake perfume with notes of musk, marine and citrus is a subtle but long-lasting fragrance that my colleague, Mugdha, loves! - ₹460

    15. This set of three sheet face masks that are SUPER hydrating and make your skin visibly plump and glowing - ₹180

    16. This sonic facial cleanser that removes dead skin and gives your skin a thorough deep cleanse - ₹490

    17. Or this facial cleanser with a sonic massager and a facial brush so you can cleanse, exfoliate and massage your skin effortlessly - ₹234

    18. This cutest little teapot with an attached tea-leaf infuser that is super handy and will also instantly up your work/study Insta game - ₹230

    19. This adorable headband to keep your baby hair away from your face when you're doing your extensive skincare regime - ₹150

    20. And this floral bouquet scented reed diffuser that will make your home smell like a sweet, quaint flower shop - ₹390

    21. Or this solid air freshener from the Modern Collection that smells like 'Sea Salt' and will transport you right back to your favourite beach vacation - ₹140