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    16 Products Under ₹500 That Will Restore Your Faith In Life

    Necessity is the mother of invention 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. A strainer bowl with a hundred tiny holes in it so you successfully drain out all the water without playing goalie to peas or rice or pasta – ₹70

    2. A pack of 2 travel soap holders so you don't have to wrap your used Dove bar in 3 layers of polythene – ₹249

    3. A pack of 12 fabric cable wraps that will keep your charger, earphones and laptop cable organised so you don't end up in a fistfight with tangled wires every morning – ₹199

    4. An 18 piece set of bag sealers – a Buzzfeed reader favourite rn – that is an actual godsend if you don't have storage jars or boxes or are just straight up too lazy to put literally anything away in a container – ₹69

    5. A 5-way headphone splitter so you and the crew can finally binge-watch shows together on your laptop without straining your ears – ₹279

    6. A set of 2 hair applicators that will make sure that all your hair treatment nuskhe are actually reaching where they need to – ₹175

    7. A pack of Command Strips that will help you stick almost anything on a wall, including picture frames, without any nailing or drilling. And they don't even leave any adhesive residue behind – ₹199

    8. A marble contact sheet that you can use to cover up old, scratched up furniture, walls or even your laptop and DIY the f*ck outta your life – ₹249

    9. A pack of 3 RFID sleeves to keep your credit and debit cards, driving licence, and even passports safe from electronic pickpocketing and data theft – ₹259

    10. These revolutionary pimple patches – another reader favourite – that instantly hide redness and bumps, and also promote healing. You can easily cover these babies up with a little makeup too! – ₹299

    11. A pack of 5 mesh laundry bags that will half the time you spend doing laundry because you can separate your darks, whites and delicates in these bags and run them in the same wash cycle – ₹399

    12. A fruit baller and carver that will make cutting fruit up easier and so much more fun! You can also use it to scoop out perfect little ice-cream rounds – ₹299

    13. A 5-layered scissor that will make chopping leafy vegetables a literal dream. It also comes with a comb cleaner to get rid of green gunk from all its nooks and crannies – ₹270

    14. A pair of cut-proof hand safety gloves for other more arduous chopping and slicing jobs that are bound to happen if you want to keep yourself fed – ₹399

    15. A 3-in-1 sponge hero with a scrubbing brush, scraper and squeegee that will help you deal with your cleaning troubles all at once. And what's better, you can simply pour the cleaner/dish wash in the sponge hero and let it work its magic – ₹279

    16. And a pair of silicone bristle gloves that you can clean anything in the world with. Giving your pet a bath? ✅ Cleaning the car? ✅ Washing the dishes? ✅ – ₹349