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    10 Products That'll Help You Get Your Life Together Before This Festive Season

    It's that time of year again!

    1. This badass 46-piece Screwdriver Bits set from Bosch that will help you fix all those loose cupboard handles and picture frames that you've left unattended too long – ₹1,220 (₹1,800)

    2. This DIY steel and fabric Portable Shoe Rack that can easily fit in your room or hallway, and can store up to 12 pairs of shoes – ₹662 (MRP ₹799)

    3. These Cube Shelves (set of three), perfect for stowing away all your scattered books, pen stands, and other trinkets – ₹709 (MRP ₹2399)

    4. This 360° Spin Mop with a steel spinner that will get into all the nooks and crannies of your house. Its high-absorbent micro-fibre mop leaves no trace behind and it also comes with a refill mop – ₹795 (MRP ₹2,599)

    5. This 3-Step Foldable Ladder with anti-slip stairs. Say bye-bye to spider webs and fan dust – ₹1,598 (MRP ₹2,699)

    6. This cotton Kitchen Apron that has pockets(!) and comes with an oven glove and pot-holder – ₹309 (MRP ₹650)

    7. This eco-friendly Foldable Jute Storage Bin set that is ideal for storing items that you don't want to push at the back of your cabinets – ₹1,339 (MRP ₹1,999)

    8. This four-socket extension board with a 10-ampere and 2500-watt rating, so you don't have to rummage for old, barely-operational extensions at the last minute – ₹349 (MRP ₹539)

    9. This set of three serving bowls ideal for both prep mixing your snacks and serving them – ₹379 (MRP ₹850)

    10. And this foldable Laundry Organiser that will fit anywhere in your room. It's 58cm deep so I'm sure the mountain of clothes on your bed will fit just fine – ₹529 (MRP ₹1,150)