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    The 5 Coolest Shiny Pokémon To Ever Exist In The Anime

    Here are the five dopest shiny ones that've made an appearance.

    1. Shane's Psyduck

    Shiny Psyduck and Pikachu posing with shocked faces

    2. Goh's Voltorb

    A blue and white colored Voltorb, in its shiny form, appears in an episode of Pokémon

    3. Ash's Noctowl

    A shiny, yellow Noctowl soars through the air

    4. Lake of Rage Gyarados

    A red Gyarados thrashes in the open sea

    5. And Legendary Beasts

    From left to right: shiny Suicune, Raikou, and Entei stand calmly in a garden

    Do you have any shiny Pokémon you love or have been obsessed with over the years? Hit'em off in the comments!

    This is for the Editorial Fellowship